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Established travel expert Christine Boecker is from Africa and has lived and worked both in Europe and in North America.

Backed by global first-hand travel experience, Christine and her Vancouver-based TravelBoecker Adventures team connects travellers in a meaningful and personally relevant way to the places we go, while keeping your safety front of mind.

View qualifications including our SAFE Travel Planner certificate - issued by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs.


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African Safari, Kenya, Samburu, Acacia Thorntree, Elephants, Baboons

Why choose TravelBoecker Adventures ?

Exciting destinations, customized itineraries and wisdom gained from over 35 years of experience ensure you have the best and safest experience for the best value.

The hundreds of trips on this website - based on responsible tourism - are intended to tickle your wishbone, inspire your wish list...

We work with the best adventure travel partners around the world, so we can turn the journey of your imagination into a memorable reality.



“What an amazing trip you have planned for us.  Thank you so very much.  It must be so amazing to be a dream maker for a living.  The complimentary trip to Robben Island means more than you could possibly know."

"I will not hesitate to contact Christine Boecker when the travel bug next bites.”

“Excellent, seamless, way beyond our expectations!”

“We had a fantastic safari, expertly organized by Christine.”

“Excellent Adventure - our experience with TravelBoecker has been nothing short of superb.”

“The safari experience was top notch - could not recommend it highly enough.”

“Our experience with TravelBoecker Adventures went without a hitch.”

"I had a great trip! ...everything went extremely efficiently which was so helpful for me as a single traveller."

"We had an absolutely wonderful time! I would say it is the best holiday I have ever had and I still go to sleep at night thinking about all the amazing things we saw.

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What sets TravelBoecker Adventures apart?

Christine Boecker CTC (Certified Travel Counsellor) and her team at TravelBoecker Adventures specializes in customized trips to Africa, Latin America and Europe, as well as Galapagos experiences and Polar expeditions, small-ship cruises and adventure travel around the world.

Backed by over 3 decades of extensive travel experience spanning many countries over five continents, TravelBoecker Adventures are the expert travel planners you simply cannot find using an automated booking engine. We've just been there...  


On Safari in Chobe, Botswana


TravelBoecker Tailor-Made:

Christine Boecker and her team combine your personal preferences with our expertise.

We look forward to crafting authentic and memorable journeys in 2015 and beyond, customizing unique experiences designed to suit your budget and desired style of travel.

Since 1977, we arrange vacations for travellers with a sense of adventure, travellers who enjoy discovering people, places and animals that are different from those at home... and believe in a gentle and sustainable kind of tourism while seeking adventure. Our clients feel comfortable knowing everything is planned to ensure optimal value for money and complete peace of mind.

Your vacation time is precious! At TravelBoecker Adventures, we maximize your time and travel budget to create an unforgettable travel experience, wherever the road may take you.

Our own first-hand destination experiences, creativity, attention to detail and service with a truly personal touch combine to take you on a journey of discovery you’ll talk about – at work, at home and at school – for a very long time. More about us...

You Care. We Care too!

Because our clients care about the countries they visit, our SPREAD THE SMILE project offers you the opportunity to give back to local communities in Africa. Learn more...

Spread the Smile


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to experience your own Adventure!


Off-The-Beaten-Track: Arctic Exploration


Fabled Arctic Ship Found!

It was in September 2014 that a Franklin Search Expedition successfully located one of the lost ships from Franklin's doomed Arctic expedition - the HMS Erebus. The Canadian Prime Minister was there to mark this auspicious occasion:

Searching for Franklin Expedition with Canadian PM

"I am delighted to announce...the discovery of one of the two ships belonging to the Franklin Expedition,"

said Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper (4th from right)


In honour of this historic moment in Canadian history, we are offering a 2015 Arctic voyage aboard the Akademik Ioffe, widely recognized as the best expedition-style cruise vessel operating in Polar waters:

In the Footsteps of Sir John Franklin

A 13 Day Expedition from Greenland to Cambridge Bay Nunavut, Canada, sailing August 12 to 24, 2015


2nd sailing: August 11 to 24, 2015

aboard the Akademik Sergey Vavilov


Arctic Bay Elder Photo by Michelle Valberg


Contact Vancouver Travel Expert Christine Boecker

to join this Expedition Cruise!

Choose your own Adventure

TravelBoecker Adventures takes you around the world:


Christine Boecker comes from Africa and offers first-hand experience of both luxury lodges and fully-serviced camping safaris to suit your travel budget & style.

Galapagos &

Latin America

Machu Picchu, an Inca mystery worth exploring...

Or Galapagos, where the animal kingdom doesn't get any closer: No zoom required!



Castles, canals and carousels; chocolate, cheese & Chianti -- guaranteed to fire up your sense of adventure! Camera at the ready to capture great memories..


Arctic & Antarctica

Don your down-filled Parka and head to the Polar regions for an unsurpassed adventure in the most awe-inspiring places on earth...


Canadian Capers

Venture off the beaten track. Discover Vikings and whales, polar bears, native culture and the Arctic tundra...


Adventures Worldwide

Choose from family trips in Tuscany to tiger tracking in India. Hike, eat, swim, Explore!


Just back from...

Christine Boecker shares her latest experiences

Going places - Paris, Charles de Gaulles Airport


Christine recently returned from a scouting trip to Namibia's famous Sossusvlei Dunes  (BLOG), was fortunate to observe the elusive desert elephants and revisited the arid Etosha National Park. Boecker then enjoyed a family safari to Zimbabwe's famous Victoria Falls and Botswana's Chobe River.

Now is perfect the time to plan your Safari - we are brimming with fresh ideas to make your African sojourn even more exciting!

December saw Christine Boecker visiting the Christmas Markets in Germany and exploring the many castles and ancient ruins along the River Rhine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Learn more...

Previously Christine visited the vibrant and exciting country of Ecuador, experiencing the best of the Galapagos Archipelago, the Amazon and the Andean Highlands.

Next on Christine's travel horizon is a Paddlesteamer Cruise down the Mississippi, through the American heartland - in the foorsteps of that great storyteller, Mark Twain!

All this first-hand and in-depth knowledge will serve you well, when planning your next adventure. We turn an ordinary trip into a memorable experience!


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to experience your own Adventure!


You care. We care too!  "SPREAD THE SMILE"


If you want to deliver a locally-made soccer ball to underprivileged children in Africa while on safari, WE WILL MATCH YOUR DONATION!  Here at TravelBoecker Adventures, we are proud of our special project, SPREAD THE SMILE.

You can still donate a soccer ball even if you are travelling to a destination other than Africa. See details or contact Christine Boecker for further information.

Photo by TravelBoecker Adventures client I.Grant of Vancouver

Many TravelBoecker Adventure clients enjoy giving back to the communities they visit.

K.Ray of Vancouver recalls: "Children would just materialize out of the forest and hills. Big soccer games just started out of the blue. We replaced one village 'ball' -- a grocery bag filled with other grocery bags. One of the best moments!" More...


Contact Vancouver Travel Expert Christine Boecker

to experience your own Adventure!


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